Dice Football is a fantasy football league with results determined by a system of dice rolls. All teams and players are fictional.

Each team gets 8 attempts on goal during a game, represented by the roll of a six-sided dice. A six equals a goal. The basic quota can be increased or decreased depending on the strategy a manager chooses before each match (attacking, defensive etc).


Throw Everything Forward – +3 chances for both teams
Attacking – +2 chances for both teams
Normal – no change to basic quota
Defensive – -2 chances for both teams
Park the Bus – -3 chances for both teams

For example, if Team A goes ‘All-Out Attack’ and Team B selects ‘Defensive’ each team will receive 9 chances on goal (basic quota 8 + Team A’s tactics [+3] + Team B’s tactics [-2] = 9 opportunities on goal).

Aggressive Play

Players also choose to play in an aggressive manner in order to cut down the number of goal opportunities your opponent receives. The number of chances you stop a team stops is determined by a dice roll.

The downside of this play is that the opposing team may receive penalty kicks as a result of the aggressive played. Penalties are easier to score from than normal “open play” chances.
There will be no disciplinary cards to simplify things a bit; simply a potential punishment for playing dirty.


To add a little spice – Each team has a particular seeding, randomly drawn initially but then based on their previous season’s finish in future seasons (assuming we get that far). There are four levels of seed, so three teams have been drawn in each of four seed levels.

Top seeds: 9 chances per match
Second seeds: 8 chances per match
Third seeds: 7 chances per match
Bottom seeds: 6 chances per match

Expectation of Players

It may seem confusing, but we’ll do the hard work. The players just email/submits a DM on Twitter/leaves a comment with a chosen strategy before set of matches.

An example of a team’s strategy:

Team: Team X
Match: Week 1 (vs Team Z)
Strategy: Attacking
Aggressive Play: No

When fixtures are posted, players will have roughly three/four days to send in their strategy. Ideally, each Tuesday two sets of fixtures will announced and then the results posted on Friday and Monday.

League Structure

To begin, the first season of Dice Football will contain 12 teams with the bottom two teams being relegated. If the league is successful, there is scope to introduce a second division for Season 2.

The league will run on a European League structure and scoring (2 games vs each opponent, home and away / 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss). The team with the most points at the end of the season will be declared League Champion.

For any vital positions, there will be play-off between the teams rather than relying on goal difference.

The lowest two teams will be relegated into the second division next season (again, if points are tied, a play-off game will be utilised).