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To begin, the first season of Dice Football will contain 12 teams with the bottom two teams being relegated. If the league is successful, there is scope to introduce a second division for Season 2.

The league will run on a European League structure and scoring (2 games vs each opponent, home and away / 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss). The team with the most points at the end of the season will be declared League Champion (should points be level, a playoff will determine vital positions, not goal difference). The lowest two teams will be relegated.

When fixtures are posted (approximately once every 7-10 days), players will have roughly two/three days to submit a strategy for their match(es) (best to do it via DM @diceftbl or comment on the post).

The following are the 12 teams set to compete in the first season of the Dice Football.

AFC Naranjito

Manager: @andi_thomas
Ground: The Fruit Bowl
Formation: 4-2-4

G 1. Cameron Underwood (ENG)

D 2. Edward Oates (ENG)
D 3. Sheldon Morris (JAM)
D 4. Richard Walls (ENG)
D 5. Jarne Bauwens (BEL)

M 6. Wouter Ceelen (NED)
M 7. Nathan Smallwood © (ENG)

F 8. Augusto Prieto (ARG)
F 9. Miguel Angel Ortiz (ESP)
F 10. Jamie Skinner (WAL)
F 11. Tobias Beamish (ENG)

Bits and Bytes FC

Manager: @DannyPage
Ground: The Motherboard
Formation: 2-3-5

G 1. Marvin Boulton © (ENG)

D 2. Dominic Alder (ENG)
D 3. Gustavo Rocha (POR)

M 4. Kyle Bramley (ENG)
M 5. Eoin Buckley (IRL)
M 6. Lewis Ashworth (ENG)

F 7. Tim Lecoq (FRA)
F 8. Simon Blackwell (ENG)
F 9. Terrence Spears (USA)
F 10. Oliver Wade (ENG)
F 11. Stefan Forsberg (SWE)

Defour Defour Detwo FC

Manager: @jordaneyre
Ground: Eyresome Park
Formation: 4-4-2

G 1. Jermaine Parmar (ENG)

D 2. Matthew Robinson (AUS)
D 3. Jonathan Ashworth (ENG)
D 4. Harvey Foster (WAL)
D 5. Matthew Sissons © (ENG)

M 6. Howard Sullivan (ENG)
M 7. Liam O’Hara (ENG)
M 8. Joey Watters (ENG)
M 9. Jan Dietrich (GER)

F 10. Marcos (BRA)
F 11. Lincoln Raven (ENG)

FC Bosteros

Manager: @ChrisMNee
Ground: Sphinx Drive
Formation: 3-4-3

G 1. Aaron Bradford (SCO)

D 2. Leo Cronin (SCO)
D 3. Jesse Linford (ENG)
D 4. Mauro Guzman (ARG)

M 5. Paul Cavanagh (ENG)
M 6. Alexander McAndrew (SCO)
M 7. Diego Rojas (COL)
M 8. Frederick Crisp © (ENG)

F 9. Melvin Picot (FRA)
F 10. Kevin Meier (SUI)
F 11. Isaac Lamb (ENG)

Is Everyone Else Pretending They Understand The Rules XI

Manager: @DanielStorey85
Ground: The Vibedome
Formation: 4-2-3-1

G 1. Finn Rees (WAL)

D 2. Archie Kelly (AUS)
D 3. Owen Price (WAL)
D 4. Richard Houston (ENG)
D 5. Roald Bainbridge (ENG)

M 6. Petter Madsen (NOR)
M 7. David North (ENG)

M 8. Lewis Salt (ENG)
M 9. Juan Manuel Carmona (MEX)
M 10. Ashton Fryer © (ENG)

F 11. Kasper Helm (ENG)

Maverick FC

Manager: @chrismayerv1
Ground: Park Row Stadium
Formation: 4-2-3-1

G 1. Sami Mouton (FRA)

D 2. Nathan O’Rourke (IRL)
D 3. Warren Sands (ENG)
D 4. Rigby Daniels (ENG)
D 5. Mateo Munoz © (COL)

M 6. David Cooper (NIR)
M 7. Colin Bul (NED)

M 8. Philipp Hofwegend (NED)
M 9. Luis Azevedo (BRA)
M 10. Hilmar Olvirsson (ICE)

F 11. Charlie Jacob (ENG)

Old Christchurch Rovers

Manager: @jamesswyer
Ground: Kings Park
Formation: 4-5-1

G 1. Timothy Sanderson (ENG)

D 2. Thomas Ryan (WAL)
D 3. Conor MacDonald (IRL)
D 4. Joel Medcalf (ENG)
D 5. Aiden King (AUS)

M 6. Gary Eales (ENG)
M 7. Brian Molony (IRL)
M 8. Dennis Brandt (GER)
M 9. Daniel Walker © (SCO)
M 10. Aymen Labrode (FRA)

F 11. Niels De Pauw (BEL)

Selby United

Manager: @DavidHartrick
Ground: Stadio delle Sphere
Formation: 3-4-3

G 1. Walker Bean (USA)

D 2. Ethan Dykes (SCO)
D 3. Christopher Pitt (ENG)
D 4. Yandri Porras (ECU)

M 5. Mohammed Anwar (ENG)
M 6. Archer Glover (ENG)
M 7. Arlo Layton (ENG)
M 8. Villum Bang (DEN)

F 9. Nathaniel Shearman (ENG)
F 10. Kendon Ramkissoon (TRI)
F 11. George Garner © (ENG)

Teenage Muntant Ninja Skrtels

Manager: @simonfurnivall
Ground: Bielsa Dome
Formation: 3-3-1-3

G 1. Philipp Tilson (ENG)

D 2. Facundo Vargas © (ARG)
D 3. Leevi Ahonen (FIN)
D 4. Michael Graves (ENG)

M 5. John Windsor (ENG)
M 6. Angelo Lemonnier (FRA)
M 7. David Donohoe (ENG)

M 8. Kesta Ikechukwu (NIG)

F 9. Gauthier Prigent (FRA)
F 10. Zdenek Jahoda (CZE)
F 11. Albie Perrin (ENG)

The Hurricanes

Manager: @RichNewbold
Ground: Champion Spirit
Formation: 3-4-3

G 1. Elliott Goodwin (ENG)

D 2. Stanley Akinola (NIG)
D 3. Anthony Weeks © (ENG)
D 4. Ben Everett (ENG)

M 5. Steve Hine (ENG)
M 6. Graham Jeffrey (ENG)
M 7. Walid Poisson (FRA)
M 8. John Hogan (IRL)

F 9. Kalle Jokinen (FIN)
F 10. Alexander Humphreys (ENG)
F 11. Dion van der Beek (NED)

The Starfish

Manager: @RyanKeaney
Ground: Fish Bowl
Formation: 4-2-3-1

G 1. Hunter Wilson (ENG)

D 2. Robert Hodgkinson (ENG)
D 3. Edwin Tyrrell (ENG)
D 4. Samuel Katche © (CIV)
D 5. Philipp Bowles (ENG)

M 6. Steven Scott (IRL)
M 7. Tobias Nygaard (DEN)

M 8. Machado (BRA)
M 9. Alfie Palmer (SCO)
M 10. Rayan Stafford (ENG)

F 11. Joost De Veen (NED)

Willian’s Wish Wellingtons

Manager: @amhrichardson
Ground: Big Weird Park
Formation: 4-3-3

G 1. Ryan MacDonald (IRL)

D 2. Francisco Morales (ESP)
D 3. Joshua Flanagan (ENG)
D 4. Oliver Forde (ENG)
D 5. Mohammad Tveit (NOR)

M 6. Gregone Lemonnier © (FRA)
M 7. Carlos Iglesias (ESP)
M 8. Magnus Brekke (NOR)

F 9. Sohan Gallet (FRA)
F 10. James Algar (ENG)
F 11. Ricardo Lukana (PER)

As previously mentioned; each team gets a certain number of goalscoring opportunities per game, decided by their seeding. The 12 Dice Football teams have been randomly drawn into four different seeding, three teams at each level.

Top seeds: 9 chances per match
Defour Defour Detwo FC
AFC Naranjito
FC Bosteros

Second seeds: 8 chances per match
The Hurricanes
Bits and Bytes FC
Selby United

Third seeds: 7 chances per match
Willian’s Wish Wellingtons
Teenage Muntant Ninja Skrtels
Maverick FC

Bottom seeds: 6 chances per match
Is Everyone Else Pretending They Understand The Rules XI
The Starfish
Old Christchurch Rovers

The teams at the top *should* be looking to win the title, whereas everyone at the bottom should prioritise safety from relegation above all else.

Good luck for the season ahead!

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