DF: Matchday 1 Results

The opening matchday of Dice Football saw 14 goals scored in six matches. Thankfully for many of the fans that turned out, there wasn’t an even spread so some got to see some actual football; and others weren’t so lucky.

FC Bosteros v Bits and Bytes FC
Sphinx Drive

Dice Football is going to have to go some if it wants to see a better game this season than the clash between FC Bosteros and Bits and Bytes that took top billing on Matchday One. The home side entered the game as favourites – being top seeds and residents of Sphinx Drive – but were unable to shake their opponents until late on.

Danny Page’s team flew out of the traps in the early minutes and though FC Bosteros showed no signs of retreating within their shells; it was the away team that largely had the best of the first half. They opened the scoring – Terrence Spears bending the ball around a defender from the edge of the area – and produced a string of good chances that on another might just have seen them double their lead.

To their credit, FCB didn’t panic and stuck their game plan of trying to expose B&B’s incredible 2-3-5 formation. The ball was frequently cleared to the flanks where the Bosteros wingbacks could drive forward into acres of space; and they scored from their only good chance of the first half. Paul Cavanagh crossed for Kevin Meier to nod in the equaliser to mean the scores were level at half-time.

B&B couldn’t replicate their play in the second half and with Bosteros finding plenty of joy on the wings, it was from wide that their second and third goals of the game came. Alexander McAndrew’s run down the right and subsequent pass to Melvin Picot gave the home team the lead six minutes into the second half, before Cavanagh himself arrive late at the back post to win the game, eight minutes from time.

Dominic Alder did score a late goal for Bits and Bytes, lashing home a bouncing ball after a corner wasn’t clear but FCB were able to hang on for all three points.

HT: 1-1
FT: 3-2

BOS Kevin Meier 38′, Melvin Picot 51′, Paul Cavanagh 82′
BAB Terrence Spears 17′, Dominic Alder 89′

Teenage Muntant Ninja Skrtels v Defour Defour Detwo FC
Bielsa Dome

Both teams in the Teenage Muntant Ninja Skrtels versus Defour Defour Detwo game will have to hold their hands up and admit that they played their best football of the game in the first half. Their passing was slick, their movement looked natural and the chances they produced were all threatening. In the second half the intensity dropped and the passes all started to miss their mark, which meant we saw three goals in the opening 45 and just one more after the break.

It was the away side that scored both first and last in the game – taking the lead in the 11th minute thanks to a drilled Marcos volley before tying the game at 2-2 through Jan Dietrich’s bobbled finish, turning on the edge of the box to send the ball into the corner.

The Teenage Muntant Ninja Skrtels will be both pleased they were able to wrestle the game back from their top seeds after they had made the better start but also annoyed that they couldn’t do better with the three chances that fell their way in the 22 minutes they enjoyed the lead.

Albie Perrin poked in the equaliser on 19 minutes and when Kesta Ikechukwu thundered in on 36 minutes, the momentum of the game appeared to be with Simon Furnivall’s team. Unfortunately they couldn’t find a third way past Jermaine Parmar, and when Dietrich brought the teams level a draw looked the likely result even with 20 minutes left to play. Neither was able to fashion a real chance of note before the full-time whistle blew.

HT: 2-1
FT: 2-2

TNMS Albie Perrin 19′, Kesta Ikechukwu 36′
DDD Marcos 11′, Jan Dietrich 68′

AFC Naranjito v Maverick FC
The Fruit Bowl

Three “proper” challenges from the AFC Naranjito midfield pairing of Wouter Ceelen and captain Nathan Smallwood in the opening 10 minutes set the tone for their clash with Maverick FC. The home team set out to make life very difficult for their guests whenever they dared to advance up the field, and in truth it worked a treat – although that meant the quality of football was poor.

Maverick FC arrived to The Fruit Bowl with the obvious idea to keep things tight and you could count on one hand the number of times they entered their final third as the strong challenges extinguished most attacks before they reached the halfway line. Though they were gifted a penalty late in the first half when Sheldon Morris scythed down Philipp Hofwegend in the penalty area, but Hilmar Olvirsson put the resulting spot-kick wide of the post.

At the other end the front four of AFC Naranjito laboured to create chances. Sami Mouton wasn’t given a massive amount to do in the Maverick FC goal and by the end of the match, both teams seemed to have accepted a share of the spoils.

HT: 0-0
FT: 0-0

MAV (missed pen Olvirsson 36′)

Selby United v Willian’s Wish Wellingtons
Stadio delle Sphere

The opening game of the season at the Stadio delle Sphere left the home fans thoroughly frustrated as Willian’s Wish Wellingtons showed up and claimed what they were after – an away point. The visiting side sat deep and invited Selby United to attack, and though they went behind twice they were able to use the attacking hubris of David Hartrick’s side against them; scoring both equalisers from quick counter attacks.

Nathaniel Shearman had stroked Selby into an early lead as their gung ho spirit surprised the visiting team from the off, but after settling themselves down and rebuffing a couple of fine Selby chances Ricardo Lukana guided home an equaliser, racing through onto Carlos Iglesias’ long pass from deep that cut most of the home team out of the game. The home side weren’t to be deterred and continued to camp all 10 of their outfield players in the WWW half. It appeared to pay off when George Garner headed them back in front just two minutes before half-time.

When the second half started, it became quickly apparent that Hartrick had asked for more of the same from his players and they roared forward, only for the Wish Wellingtons to be level within three minutes. A Selby move broke down on the left flank and the ball was moved quickly forward by only a couple of passes before Sohan Gallet’s shot rebounded off a defender and into the path of Francisco Morales who drilled the ball into the bottom corner. Willian’s Wish Wellingtons were level despite showing minimal attacking intent.

Selby looked like a side that had had the wind blown out of their sails for the next 10 minutes but did re-group to push for a winner in the final 30. Unfortunately for them, Anthony Richardson’s team remained switched on and didn’t give up anything more than a few hopeful efforts from around the edge of the area. 2-2 it finished.

HT: 2-1
FT: 2-2

SEL Nathaniel Shearman 8′, George Garner 43′
WWW Ricardo Lukana 37′, Francisco Morales 48′

The Starfish v Old Christchurch Rovers
Fish Bowl

The supposedly tight and cagey affair between two bottom seeds actually turned out to be quite an expansive game of football, even if it only produced one goal. The Starfish – spurred on by the home crowd – were the more attacking as they showed obvious intent to get quickly up the pitch, and subsequently left a series of gaps for the Old Christchurch Rovers to exploit.

But for an excellent performance from The Starfish goalkeeper Hunter Wilson it would have been the away team leaving with all three points. Wilson produced five important saves to keep the Rovers at bay, and eventually finish the match with a clean sheet. He denied Daniel Walker, Brian Molony and a notable Niels De Pauw header from close range before Rayan Stafford bagged the winner. The midfielder broke into the box late, galloped onto Machado’s cut-back and smashed the ball past Timothy Sanderson who up to that point had looked rarely troubled by a string of Starfish moves that fizzled out in the final third.

The final 20 minutes saw The Starfish understandably retreat within themselves and though the visiting team had a couple of decent chances to finish the game, Wilson was in unbeatable form.

HT: 0-0
FT: 1-0

STR Rayan Stafford 68′

Is Everyone Else Pretending They Understand The Rules XI v The Hurricanes
The Vibedome

Pragmatism won out at The Vibedome as Is Everyone Else Pretending They Understand The Rules XI denied their opponents a significant chance on goal in a rather dull 90 minutes.

The home team set themselves up as a side that will welcome teams to come at them and with two shielding midfielders sitting in front of the back four, IEEPTUTR were able to frustrate their more fancied opponents.

The first short on target for either team didn’t come until the 63rd minute as The Hurricanes struggled to play with pace and urgency around a team that were very much defence-first. Alexander Humphreys and Dion van der Beek both had half chances late on, though neither will sweat their misses too much.

The home team got the draw they desired against the second seeds.

HT: 0-0
FT: 0-0


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