DF: Matchday 1 & 2 Preview

The stand-out game in the first weekend of Dice Football action might just be the clash between top seeds Defour Defour Detwo and AFC Naranjito on Matchday 2. The two title favourites will lock horns at Eyresome Park keen to get one over the other on the opening weekend. Both teams will kick off their Dice Football campaigns with matches against third seeds. Naranjito will host Maverick FC while Defour Defour Detwo travel to the Bielsa Dome to take on Simon Furnivall’s Teenage Muntant Ninja Skrtels.

The third top seed – FC Bosteros – hasn’t gotten off lightly however and the Frederick Crisp captained side will do battle with two seconds seeds in their opening games. Bit and Bytes FC are up first at Sphinx Drive before a trip to Champion Spirit to take on the supposed title dark horses, The Hurricanes.

With the other strong sides facing tricky games to kick off their season, the stage might just be set for Selby United to get a jump on everyone else. David Hartrick’s side will play back-to-back home games at the Stadio delle Sphere as they welcome Willian’s Wish Wellingtons on the opening day and then follow it up by facing Is Everyone Else Pretending They Understand The Rules XI on Monday. Club captain George Garner refused to be drawn on Selby United’s supposed favourable draw when he took part in the pre-season media day, but was happy to concede that two home games on the opening two match days could help them get off to the perfect start.

At the other end of the table, the Matchday 1 clash between The Starfish and Old Christchurch Rovers has been circled by a few pundits as a “six pointer” already. The two bottom seeds are expected to spend the season battling against relegation and have been preparing as such in preseason. Both managers will be eager to start the season off with the full three points before going on to face third seeds on Matchday 2.

Matchday 1 – Friday 20th January 2017
AFC Naranjito v Maverick FC
Teenage Muntant Ninja Skrtels v Defour Defour Detwo FC
FC Bosteros v Bits and Bytes FC
The Starfish v Old Christchurch Rovers
IEEPTUTR XI v The Hurricanes
Selby United v Willian’s Wish Wellingtons

Matchday 2 – Monday 23rd January 2017
Defour Defour Detwo FC v AFC Naranjito
Bits and Bytes FC v Maverick FC
Old Christchurch Rovers v Teenage Muntant Ninja Skrtels
The Hurricanes v FC Bosteros
Willian’s Wish Wellingtons v The Starfish
Selby United v IEEPTUTR XI

All strategies must by submitted by midday on Friday (although I would love them much, much sooner). They can obviously be different for each game your team will play. Sending it by DM to @diceftbl is easiest for me to compile but comment here or email works as well. The Twitter account follows you all.

There are five strategies to choose from:

Throw Everything Forward – +3 chances for both teams
Attacking – +2 chances for both teams
Normal – no change to basic quota
Defensive – -2 chances for both teams
Park the Bus – -3 chances for both teams

You can also choose to play in an aggressive manner in order to cut down the number of chances their opponents will receives. The number of chances will be determined by a dice roll. On the flip side however doing so may see the opposing team receive penalty kicks, which are easier to score from than in open play.

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