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Football Manager

#IBWM100 on Football Manager – Season Three with Ajax

Borussia Dortmund and Germany midfielder Julian Weigl

This is the third instalment of my attempts to sign only players from the In Bed with Maradona 100 during a game of Football Manager – the all-knowing, all-powerful football simulation.

The first two posts in this #IBWM100 on Football Manager series detailing how 2015/16 and then 2016/17 went can be found by clicking on those links.

If you haven’t read either of those – feel free to go back and catch up. Don’t worry; I’ll wait.

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Football Manager

#IBWM100 on Football Manager – Season Two with Ajax

Monaco and Mali defender Almamy Touré

It is highly likely that you did not read part one of this series so feel free to go check it out before trying to battle on with season two. Some of what follows may not make sense without it although I suspect you will probably do just fine.

The plan is really rather simple. Using only the #IBWM100 for 2016 and whatever pieces of football gold that the virtual youth academy of my football team creates, I am going to do my absolute utmost to win the UEFA Champions League on Football Manager 2016, as well as every other trophy that springs up along the way.

Produced every December, the #IBWM100 is In Bed With Maradona’s breakdown of the most exciting young footballers in the world. IBWM have produced the list since 2011 following the closure of Spanish sports weekly magazine Don Balón.

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Football Manager

#IBWM100 on Football Manager – Season One with Ajax

Ajax’s leading striker Arkadiusz Milik

In the last two years blogging and writing about Football Manager has become almost as frequent and popular as writing about actual football. The game – previously the actual reason so many teenage boys spent an ungodly sum of hours alone in their bedrooms (and not good old-fashioned pornography) – has taken on a life of its own and entered the mainstream with its use on Sky Sports News and the BBC Sport Deadline Day blog. It has a devoted section on the website for the Mirror newspaper as well as hundreds (more likely thousands) of devoted fan blogs.

As I pick up the game for the first time in four years (the last version I purchased was FM2012 although on one cold winter night I did install the FM2015 demo before deleting it in a fit of frustration some hours later), I’m encouraged to take you along for the ride. Some of the writing around this will be dry, so let me start by saying sorry for that. However given the subject matter is all about me talking you through how well/poorly things went on a computer game and that we’re already 215 words in, I suspect you have made your peace with that.

The plan is really rather simple. Using only the #IBWM100 and the youth academy system of my virtual football team, I am going to attempt to win the UEFA Champions League and every other trophy I can get my hands on.

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