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Follow the Ball – A Reflection

When 2016 started I had grand plans to watch more football. Born from a place of good, I wanted to reconnect with the beautiful game and find my love for watching the sport again – away from the hullabaloo that I am all too often allow myself to get caught up in.

The idea was simple. Pick a team, watch their match and then whoever won that game, watch that team’s next match.

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Follow the Ball – Game 10: Paris Saint-Germain vs Chelsea

Here we are. The 47th day of 2016 and a chance for Follow the Ball to go international with the return of European football and the UEFA Champions League. When I first decided to watch games in a Winner Stays On fashion, I expected that this week would be my first chance to leave the English domestic game behind – and so far, we’re on track.

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Follow the Ball – Game 9: Chelsea vs Newcastle United

Nine games in and we are so close to some European football that I can almost taste the Gazprom. The plan for the Follow the Ball series, where I intend on enjoying an “unbeaten” year by following football in a Winner Stays On fashion, was always to enjoy some football on the continent and Chelsea’s Champions League tie against PSG should help me with that – assuming they don’t slip up against Newcastle United.

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Follow the Ball – Game 8: Chelsea vs Manchester United

All the way through 2016 I want to spend some time watching football that I wouldn’t normally watch. The plan I have to achieve that is by following football matches in a Winner Stays On style, and basically spend 12 months “going unbeaten”. Game 8 is a match I’d have watch anywhere, regardless of this Follow the Ball series; but it is an important.

Chelsea and Manchester United are due to play knock-out matches in European competition in the next couple of weeks. Assuming the victor in this match can make it through their clash with Newcastle United or Sunderland next weekend, then the chances of this football watching adventure heading into European leagues increases massively.

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Follow the Ball – Game 7: Watford vs Chelsea

February is the shortest month of the year and yet I could end up watching Chelsea six times in the next 29 days if they are able to hold on to their crown as Follow the Ball champions for the next four weeks and one day. That’s as many games as I watched during the 31 day long January. I’ve picked the wrong time of the year to start this.

MK Dons put up as much resistance as I expected them to do and Chelsea were able to sweep them aside with minimal fuss. As such, they retained their title as the Champions of my unbeaten year of football. Throughout 2016 I have resolved to enjoy an unbeaten year of football, and will spend my time watching football in a winner stays on style. Things kicked off with Arsenal and after they were beaten 0-1 at home by Diego Costa, I’ve hitched myself to the Chelsea wagon.

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Follow the Ball – Game 6: MK Dons v Chelsea

The final day of January brings with it the sixth match of the year for the Follow the Ball series; and in it we will see the first “defence” for the new winners, Chelsea.

Throughout 2016 I have decided that I will enjoy an unbeaten year of football by watching a run of football matches in a winner stays on style. The year started with Arsenal by way of a Twitter poll although that run ended last weekend when Chelsea rocked up to the Emirates Stadium and won 1-0.

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Follow the Ball – Game 5: Arsenal vs Chelsea

Nearly a month into the year and we’re on for game number five of the campaign. For those of you that haven’t read one of these before, the idea is simple (I think) and you can all of the Follow the Ball posts here.

Through 2016 I will be watching a series of games in a winner stays on style. I kicked off with Arsenal thanks to a Twitter poll (my own fault really) and have then followed the winning team through their first four matches of the calendar year. My hope is that when we get to the knock-out stages of the European competitions, one of the English sides will lose a leg and I can spend some time watching football on the continent.

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