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Follow the Ball – A Reflection

When 2016 started I had grand plans to watch more football. Born from a place of good, I wanted to reconnect with the beautiful game and find my love for watching the sport again – away from the hullabaloo that I am all too often allow myself to get caught up in.

The idea was simple. Pick a team, watch their match and then whoever won that game, watch that team’s next match.

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Follow the Ball – Game 5: Arsenal vs Chelsea

Nearly a month into the year and we’re on for game number five of the campaign. For those of you that haven’t read one of these before, the idea is simple (I think) and you can all of the Follow the Ball posts here.

Through 2016 I will be watching a series of games in a winner stays on style. I kicked off with Arsenal thanks to a Twitter poll (my own fault really) and have then followed the winning team through their first four matches of the calendar year. My hope is that when we get to the knock-out stages of the European competitions, one of the English sides will lose a leg and I can spend some time watching football on the continent.

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Follow the Ball – Game 4: Stoke City vs Arsenal

I am pleased to discover that this malarkey of two games each week is finally starting to calm down. I was worried for a second that I’d bitten off more than I can chew.

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Follow the Ball – Game 3: Liverpool vs Arsenal

13 days into the New Year and I have managed to stick with my resolution. Yes, I am patting myself on the back for that. I said I am going to watch a winning team for the entire 12 months – in a similar style to the much-loved I Am The Gloryhunter – and so far I am sticking to it.

Two games in and I’ve enjoyed two different competitions – the Premier League and the FA Cup. Game three is a return to the bread and butter of the league, and a clash between two teams that will play European ties in a few weeks. They are my links towards taking this thing international so I’m hoping to stay with this winner for a little while.

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Follow the Ball – Game 2: Arsenal vs Sunderland

I am not a very exciting football watcher. Outside of doing research for the #IBWM100 and the players that we chart over 12 months, I tend to stick to what I know. In 2016, my aim is to change that by following a winning team over the course of the next 12 months and seeing where I end up.

It started last week with the Premier League and if things go as I hope, I should be in for a European tour over the next 12 months (and perhaps even further afield if the action can find its way to the FIFA Club World Cup). For now, back to North London…

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Follow the Ball – Game 1: Arsenal vs Newcastle United

My plan for 2016 is to watch more football. I’m not that concerned about who is actually playing in the match, truth be told, but I just want to immerse myself in other games. As such I am going to watch a single game each week following the winner into their next match; and so on. In theory I could end up watching any league on the planet if “my team” loses the right (or wrong) European fixture – or by the end of the year I might simply end up watching 40-odd games featuring teams from the Premier League.

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Let’s stop comparing transfer fees

In little over two months, the 2014 summer transfer window will “slam shut” across Europe. A few associations close their windows earlier in the day and a couple try to hang on for an extra hour or two; but on September 1st 2014 there will be a huge sigh of relief that the whole thing is over.

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