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Football Manager

#IBWM100 on Football Manager – Season Five with Ajax

Yes, that is Ajax and Belgium wonderkid Van Van Tung.

It’s been a few months. A few glorious months of revelling in the glory of being a Champions League winner with an Ajax team filled with members of the IBWM100; and if you are reading this – then it is safe to say that I’m back to keep things going and ideally, establish this team as a great side of European football. With Football Manager 2017 looming and the new #IBWM100 soon to be on the way, I want to bring this story to an end as soon as possible.

You may have already enjoyed the first four seasons of this story. If not, they can be found here – Season One – 2015/16, Season Two – 2016/17 and Season Three – 2017/18 and Season Four – 2018/19. Feel free to take some time to go back and read through them as I sign players from a list of only 100 and try to turn them into European giants.

If you aren’t all that bothered about catching up then all you need to know is this. Using only the In Bed With Maradona list of 100 Young Players to watch in 2016 and whatever youth products are churned out of the Ajax system, I am attempting to conquer Europe. In season’s one, two and three, we struggled but everything fell nicely into place last year and we went all the way in Europe’s premier competition. However with an average age in the squad somewhere around 23 I couldn’t help but feel I wanted more from the team. To put that into actual goals, a couple of Champions League victories; mostly so that my legacy as a giant of the game can be cemented

It is all ego that is fuelling me now and as such – we’re back for Season Five. With a nod to Iain Macintosh over on The Set Pieces, I’ll be guiding you through the 2019/20 season month-by-month.

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