Monthly Archives: April 2016

Follow the Ball – Game 18: Lyon vs Nice

With only a few weeks left in the season, Lyon taking on the fourth placed team in Ligue 1 is not a nice scenario (see what I did there?). Though both teams are heading into this match in decent form (Nice have won four and lost of their last six, Lyon have won and drawn one), I just don’t think I can trust Nice to see out the season and take me into Europe at the beginning of next term.

Lyon are my best bet and I’m plugging for them to see the job through.

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Follow the Ball – Game 17: Montpellier vs Lyon

The first time that I started to get ahead of myself and look towards the end of the season with the same winning team in charge of Follow the Ball, I was flicking through Paris Saint-Germain’s league fixtures and reckoning that they could go untroubled. I was rewarded with a victory for Lyon in the next game and tried to tell myself I wouldn’t do it again.

As you’d expect – I haven’t learned my lesson.

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Follow the Ball – Game 16: Lorient vs Lyon

This is already’s Lyon best run of form since September when they won two and drew three games in a run of five. Since putting in what I’ve now come to understand as their best performance of the season against Paris Saint-Germain a few weeks ago, they have been pretty good. They are yet to better that Paris victory but in truth, they haven’t needed to.

As I hit 16 games for the year, I’ve glanced ahead at Lyon’s fixtures and I’m not completely sure there is a game during April that should worry them. They could very well be Follow the Ball champions until the final weekend of the season.

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