Monthly Archives: March 2016

Follow the Ball – Game 15: Lyon vs Nantes

After two impressive wins, it was always going to be tough for Lyon to keep the winning run going. It’s not something they have been good at so far this season as shown by their struggles in the league, but they were good enough for a deserved point. The alternative could have been Marseille versus Rennes which may have been fun, but instead we’re back to the Parc Olympique Lyonnais (sadly not literally) for the visit of Nantes.

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Follow the Ball – Game 14: Stade Rennais vs Lyon

After an impressive start to their reign as Follow the Ball champions, Lyon will no doubt have no idea whatsoever what this is and pay not attention to it at all be keen to keep their run going over the next few weeks of domestic action. Having played around with a number of potential scenarios, there is a small chance I could return to European action with Paris Saint-Germain before the end of the season but that would require the runaway leaders of the French league to basically go all the way to the final of the Champions League. Instead I intend of fully embracing my new existence in French football.

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Follow the Ball – Game 13: Lyon vs Guingamp

Another week and a new champion. Paris Saint-Germain didn’t hang on nearly as long as I expected and were beaten by Lyon in only their second game as Follow the Ball champions. The result means I will likely spend the next three months watching French football. With the right set of results I may end up back on the PSG bandwagon and possibly back into Euroe; but for now I’m looking forward to watching some Ligue 1 action.

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